It came to an end..2013-2015 started around two years ago. Today, right now.. It's gone, most likely for good - unless PS Home continues to PlayStation 4.

I had a great time running it, and got to meet many great members.

Many of you know that I orginally shut it down, then put it back up but I do regret putting it back up. There isn't much left in the Home Community, after Sony decided to shut down PlayStation Home 31th March 2015.

Thank to all the members, to these who joined after we brought it up again and to those who didn't. Thank you for being here, we had over 600 Premium Members which for sure enjoyed their membership here on PsHomeCentral, otherwise they wouldn't get their friends to sign up? .. We had a lot of fun managing the dns servers, where I had thousands of home users using it and Sony then decided to do some hot fix to block our DNS which then made it extremely hard for us to continue.

PlayStation Home: 2008-2015 Is now a history..
PsHomeCentral: 2013-2015 Is now a history..

Me as forum addict, i decided to start a brand new community called, it's a new community for Technology in general. Anything between gadgets, computers, gaming, consoles, graphics, anime and a lot more! Feel free to join today, you'll meet me and many other ex-PsHomeCentral members here. I hope to keep up the connection with most of the PlayStation Home users.